Infobase online databases contain more than 75 years’ worth of authoritative content. Known for their unprecedented depth of coverage, the subject-specific databases cover a wide range of core curriculum areas—from history, science, literature, and careers to geography, health, current issues and more—at the middle, high school, and academic levels. Many include valuable educator support materials.

Databases offer unlimited simultaneous use, 24/7. Students and researchers can access our databases anytime, anywhere, whether in class, at the library, or at home. All of our content is accessible from any connected device—computers, tablets, and interactive whiteboards. Perfect for flipped classrooms and blended-learning programs.

The intuitive, user-friendly interface is designed to capture the interest of students and researchers and facilitate quick and accurate navigation. Powerful search and browse tools, including advanced search filters and suggested searches, help users find exactly what they’re looking for.

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