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A World of Possible!
Why Us

Why BigBrain Resources?

We provide exclusive products and promotions, knowledgeable and personal service, the best choice’s in the industry, cutting-edge on new technology, shelf-ready processing and the best prices available.  BigBrain Resources specializes in non-fiction, curriculum and digital resources for the New Jersey, PA and New York  metro area. We are your source for the best in library publishing and classroom curriculum needs at the lowest cost. We’re happy to visit you with the newest samples and catalogs, prepare your quotes for review or submission, and update you on what is current and exciting.

Exclusive Products & Promotions

Best Prices Around

High-Quality Resources





Library Books

Preview Resources the Right Way.

Make an appointment with us to preview samples. Want to have a free trial to databases or ebooks? We will provide you with a free trial, or offer a drop off/pick up sample preview service.

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Ready To Work Together?

Let's get you the best pricing and exclusive benefits including direct discounts, incentives, and direct publisher’s promotions! 
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